Yreane "Double Talking Jive" w/ Remixes by Kid Panel and Mike

Vee  1.60
Автор: Yreane
В записи принимали участие: Yreane (Автор оригинала)
Релиз лейбла: Kick It Recordings
23 июля / 12
Catalog #KIR280 Title: Yreane "Double Talking Jive" w/ Remixes by Kid Panel and Mike Vee Release date: 08/10/2012 Keeping your summer rocking with nothing but bangers, Kick It is back again with the return of Moscow's own Yreane for KIR280! If you like big Breaks, loads of Amens and heads down in your face bass, then Yreane has got just what you need. "Double Talking Jive" blurs the lines between Breakbeats and Electro House merging the two into one dancefloor friendly sub frequency stormer with just a bit of Tech added in for good measure, wicked! Kid Panel is up first on remix duties and he knocks it out of the park keeping the crossover theme going while incorporating new stabs and leads that give "Double Talking Jive" even more of an Electro feel. Wicked edits, chunky low ends and a killer breakdown, what more could you want! Next up is Mike Vee who takes things straight into the land of 4/4 with his Tech Anthem mix. Wicked leads, funky stabs and just enough of the original make for an awesome remix, top stuff! Preview on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com
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